AAF Asks: Where do you get your news?

The digital world has diversified the media landscape and lowered the barrier of entry into widespread publication. The ramifications are both good and bad. In a world with more options than we’ve ever seen previously, where do our AAF Board of Directors get their news?

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” — Jim Morrison


Jaime Applegate
I just got my news this morning from reading the theSkimm! I signed up a while ago and it sends an email every morning highlighting a few hot topics in the news. If I’m interested in a story I can click on the link to the actual article.

Ally Balcerzak
I follow a bunch of traditional news and digital-only publications on Twitter so I can easily see headlines throughout the day – New York Times, Washington Post, AP, CNN, WIVB, Mashable, etc. I’m also an avid BuzzFeed reader. The editorial team at BuzzFeed is full of graduates from top journalism programs, and their “heavier” content cites quite a bit of research, as well as subject matter experts. Give BuzzFeed a chance!

Greg Pokriki
The benefit of my Twitter timeline is curated content from people I follow and respect. The news sources tend to still be traditional– NYT, WaPo. I do get The Buffalo News print delivered on my desk each morning too. Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated media writer and Buffalo expat/fan, is a great follow on Twitter, especially for great journalism.

Erin Haskell
Feedly – from Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, BBC, Fast Company, The Verge, The Atlantic and The Globe and Mail.

Alexa Godwin
theSkimm is my source along with the very millennial answer of Twitter. Also, the morning news.

Noah Herman
Primarily the iOS News app because of its availability.

Shannon Silva
The 11:00 news – WGRZ and hopefully I don’t fall asleep before the weather.

Teresa Carosa
I love theSkimm – it totally sums up everything with some tongue and cheek humor. I also am kind of old school and get the Buffalo News, Buffalo Business First, and (sometimes) the New York Times. theSkimm is great for national news, but I like to stay up on things going on in Buffalo..

Tim Bouchard
For local business news I lean on Business First and LinkedIn. When it comes to the industry I follow AdAge, Adweek, and a few industry leaders on Twitter / LinkedIn. When it comes to regular news I stick with local/network channels and try not to use Twitter without finding references since nothing is sacred now.

Brittany Klotzbach
The Skimm is my source!

April Brown
Every morning when I wake up, I turn on the morning news, but I also subscribe to The Skimm! Absolutely love it. It’s a great way to learn about everything you need to know that’s going on in the world in a short, concise and casual way.

Jillian Minderler
The Huffington Post and watching the news.

Josh Gumulak
Twitter. Although it may be too easy of an answer. There can be a lot of clutter and unreputable sources, but if you follow a credible and respectable lineup of reporters, outlets and journalists, there’s no outlet that works faster, especially when it comes to live events.

Jenna Hutzler
The Morning Briefing Newsletter by The New York Times does a nice job of summarizing the news each morning. I know you aren’t supposed to look at screens right when you wake up but I do! For local information, I watch the news (old-fashioned) or read BBF and Buffalo Rising.

Dan Nesselbush
My career started in broadcast journalism so I use Twitter the most since it’s the closest thing to the news ticker feeds we’d get when I worked at WKBW. I follow outlets like Buffalo Business First,The Buffalo News, and the AP; while I stumble upon stories from many more I don’t follow. I’ll also read small local newspapers which do the important job of covering stories that have a direct impact on the communities we live in.