AdLab: Sports Marketing and Sports Entertainment

AdLab Sport Marketing Panel

There was a lot of great insight looking into the strategy of what it takes to pull off perfect execution in sports marketing.

Here’s a sampling of the key points discussed:

– Fan experience is the top priority for teams. Fans will support a team that genuinely supports its fans.

– Sponsors are now viewed as partners.

– Finding ways to improve the in-game experience is key.

– Gathering feedback whether it is surveys, social media or sitting in the stands. It’s all relevant.

– Team-run media, TV and radio, will continue to be a trend.

– Citizen journalists are welcomed.  They help spread the word.

– Lower tier, sustained sponsorships are better than top tier, one-time deals.

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AdLab: Sports Marketing and Sports Entertainment
Today the Advertising Club of Buffalo is offering up a unique sports marketing speaking event through our monthly AdLab at Templeton Landing (on the patio weather permitting). We champion our sports teams, whether they’re up or down, and we love to see them represented in profound, inspiring and creative ways.

If you ever wondered what makes the whole operation work, the strategy behind it and what pulling off perfect execution takes, you won’t want to miss it. This month’s professional panel is sure to provide insight into the hard work that brings sports marketing and entertainment to life. The panel will include Vic Carucci (Cleveland Browns Senior Editor, former Network Senior Columnist) an award-winning writer who has covered the NFL for more than 30 years, Brent Rossi (Buffalo Sabres, Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing) and John Cimperman (CENERGY Activating Brands, Principal) with the conversation moderated by WGR550 morning show host Jeremy White (Entercom Communications, Talk Show Host).

Attendees will learn just what it takes to be successful in the sports ad business and the opportunities that exist for brands, products and services. The audience will get to hear the panelist discuss a diverse range of sports marketing channels such as sponsorship, corporate events and boxes, licensed merchandise, endorsements, broadcast, ground/clothing/equipment advertising, in-game activation, as well have the opportunity to ask questions on the topics.

Sports Marketing and Sports Entertainment: The Real Play Happens Off the Field
With Special Guest Vic Carucci

July 17 | Templeton Landing on the patio (weather permitting)
2 Templeton Terrace, Buffalo
Cash Bar & Hors D’oeuvres @ 5:15 p.m. | Presentation @ 6 p.m.

Pay Ahead Online: Student Members $5  |  Members $10  |  Non-Members $25
Pay at the Door: Add $5 

More details and tickets can be purchased here.