Board Member Nominations


AAF Buffalo Seeks Leaders

Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers who blazed the trail for AAF Buffalo over the years, we have an active organization that is as healthy as ever. Each spring we encounter bittersweet moments as board terms end and present the opportunity for new leaders to steward the organization to exciting new frontiers.

Starting April 20th, it’s your opportunity to be considered for a position on the AAF Buffalo board of directors. We want to hear from you if you are passionate about bringing our industry together, creating professional development opportunities, and giving back to the community.

AAF Buffalo Board Members are required to be active participants, preferably whose contributions will exceed the minimum expectations listed below. As we seek nominations, here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  • Attend monthly board meetings. This is the one time each month the whole board can collaborate, brainstorm about club initiatives. Missing board meetings not only puts you at a disadvantage, it also places additional burden on fellow board members, so plan on being there! Our typical schedule has board meetings being held on the second or third Tuesday of each month.
  • Attend club events. Our active club schedule has something going on essentially every month, but not usually more than 1-2 events. We expect every effort to be made to attend these events, especially if you are part of the committee organizing the event. (added incentive: typically there is a happy hour component to each event)
  • Advocate for AAF Buffalo. Spread the word of the work we do. Share the benefits of being a member, promote club events, uphold the club mission, help make Buffalo better.
  • American Advertising Awards. The ADDYs requires a small army to plan and execute. Even if you’re not an ADDY chair or even part of the committee, you will be asked to chip in with some component of the planning. So be ready to help, and definitely be in attendance.
  • Act on the responsibilities and requests given to you. This can be as simple as replying to an email or as involved as planning an event or campaign. But most importantly, the organization needs you to be reliable and responsive.

All of this may sound overwhelming but we promise, everyone survives and it’s a great opportunity! If you fulfill your end of the bargain, your experience as a board member will be very rewarding. You’ll build great friendships and professional contacts, expand your knowledge of the industry, and gain invaluable leadership experience by running an active nonprofit board.

Submit a Nomination

You may submit a nomination for yourself or on behalf of someone you think may make a great candidate for the board (you should probably check with them first if you do that).

The submission deadline of 5/15 has passed. Please stay tuned for voting in June!

More About the Selection Process