Hot off the (digital) press!


Written by ACB Sponsor: Dave Zalenski

Minute Print Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a high-speed digital production press. As of December 2012, the Konica/Minolta 8000 has enhanced our production capabilities by offering an expanded range of colors and more accuracy to your projects’ original designs. Thanks to its unique ink-to-stock fusing technique, greater contrast levels will enhance your intended design.  Our new press can provide you with a wide range of paper options as well, producing materials on 50# offset stock up through 16-point board stock.  The equipment comes with complete industry certification to meet industry color reproduction standards (G7 Gracol Color), and reflects our commitment to providing our customers with printed materials that live up to their original specs, creative vision and expectations.

The Konica/Minolta 8000’s scanning densitometer allows us to target specific colors – PMS in particular – and gives us the ability to match them with a closer approximation to process colors than ever before. This is a great feature for accounts that require specific color consistency for corporate branding– an impressive ability which influenced our decision to invest in it.

More than just a copy shop, Minute Print is a full-service print facility. We offer small- to medium-sized digital press runs (up to 5000 pieces competitively), as well as in-house offset printing.  We also offer a wide range of finishing services, creative approaches and technical solutions to enhance your design.

I hope you’ll consider using Minute Print for your upcoming projects, where we’re proud of both our upgraded facilities and our reputation for providing print solutions with your budget in mind.  With 27 years of printing business experience behind us, Minute Print truly is a “Time Honored Print Solution Provider.”

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