Is Flash Dead?


Written by:  Board Member Carl EdholmThe short answer is no. Flash is not dead.
In fact, at this stage in the game it still makes the most sense to build apps and simple interactive websites using the usual web stack and to use Flash for very complex web/mobile apps, extremely interactive websites, and of course games. 
7 reasons Flash is Alive & Well:
  1. Web gl is not, and probably never will be, accepted by all browsers – and web standards are still adopted differently across these same browsers
  2. The Flash player is built into the IE 10 browser and will update along with the rest of Windows
  3. Flash Video is still better quality and easier to implement considering the continuing disagreements over WebM and H.264 formats
  4. All interactive banner campaigns are still done in flash
  5. Business applications are still being built in Flash as we speak
  6. Flash can publish to HTML 5
  7. Games
As the web is changing, so is Flash. It is becoming more focused and is adjusting to the current needs of a specific audience. Is Flash the tool for everything?  No. Of course not.
Is Flash a better choice in some cases to use. Yes. Of course it is.
Is Flash dead? Absolutely not.