Portfolio Day is Upon Us


Portfolio Day is quickly approaching, happening Saturday April 12th at Villa Maria College from 9am -3pm. I know the thought of getting a portfolio together in this short amount of time may be a bit overwhelming, you may even be debating whether or not to attend the event. This time last year I was going through the same thought process. Even though I was nervous, I ended up going, and had such a positive experience. So hopefully by the end of reading this I can convince you on attending, and give you some insight on how to successfully survive Portfolio Day.

The thought of talking with pros and showing them your work may make you extremely nervous, but there’s no need to be!  The pros were once in your shoes too so they get it. In the end, the nerves, sweaty palms, and stumbling of words will pay off, I promise. You’re going to get a ton of constructive feedback, which is going to help you and your portfolio in the long run. So just relax and have a little confidence in yourself!

Also, attending means you have a chance at winning a $500 scholarship. Can it be any more obvious on why you should go…it’s free money!

Buffalo is a pretty tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone, events like this are great for getting your name out there. At the moment, the thought of networking may not sound that important to you, but it may just be the most important thing you can be doing right now. You’re probably even thinking “Oh I have plenty of time for that”. But the sooner you start connecting with people in the industry the better. College goes by fast and at the end of it your going to want a job in the industry. The search for that job should begin now, not at graduation. So show up, work hard and stand out!

Just by coming to the event and showing your work you have a better likelihood of being offered an internship or maybe even a job. And if it doesn’t happen at this particular event, don’t be discouraged because people will still remember you. Bring business cards or maybe even a leave behind for the pros to take away with them and have a little reminder of you.

Come prepared to talk about your work and have questions ready. It’s just as much of an interview for you as it is for the pros. Asking questions shows your interested and may even help break the ice a bit.

The event is completely worth it I cannot stress that enough! By the end of the day you’ll walk away feeling great about yourself and portfolio.

Hope to see you all there!