Saying Goodbye to One of Our Faves, Kristen Cronyn

The Ad Club year is winding down and that means some board members are leaving us.  Before they do, we caught up with these talented individuals to hear about their experience and advice for future board members.


How did you first become a part of Ad Club? Where did you hear about it?


I heard about the Ad Club during my first job as an Interactive Coordinator at SKM Group. I was invited to my first Addys in 2008 (see photo with previous SKM owner, Sue Meany) and thought the event was amazing. I couldn’t wait get involved with people that shared the same passion.

What is your fondest memory or favorite Ad Club event as of today?

My first Addy’s judging weekend as a co-chair for the event. It was the first time I really poured blood sweat and tears in to pulling something substantial together, and I was able to meet some incredibly talented people while gaining a true appreciation for creative work. Being on the project management side for most of my career made me think entirely about the execution of artwork – time, budgets, etc. This event gave me the ability to see things from a design point of view and really changed my perception of  what goes in to each individual piece that is submitted.

What kinds of qualities are expected in board members?

Engagement. Passion. A mix of strategy and detail orientation. The best board members are the ones that step up without asking, get excited about sharing knowledge and work hard to make a difference within the advertising community.

What advice would you give to those thinking of stepping up into a board position role?Ad Club 2014-1185

Be prepared to work hard, laugh, collaborate and grow throughout your time on the board. You will be working with some of the most creative minds in Buffalo –and it doesn’t get any better than that.


Interested in joining the Ad Club Board of Directors for 2015-16?  Click here to learn more and submit your nomination.  Also, join us on Wednesday, May 20 to network with the current board and club members to get more details on the Ad Club board experience.