Tipping Big, For the Kids

By Brittany Klotzbach

Last Thursday, we had one of our favorite events that we host annually: The Big Tip-Off. This has become a beloved tradition the past six years because it allows us to put the spotlight on some of our most notable “celebrity” marketing experts in the area. This event combines networking, friendly competition among local agencies, and easy-to-make drinks (… these are volunteer bartenders after all). Competitive bartending is entertaining and satisfying to watch in itself. Tack on the fact that we are doing it for a good cause, raising money for the AAF Buffalo student scholarship fund, and it makes the experience even more exciting.

Between the promotional videos leading up to the event and the methods the bartenders used to boost their tip money (i.e. glow-in-the-dark glasses, decorated tip jars, and fancy vests – to name a few), they did a fantastic job doing their part to raise money for the scholarship fund and student portfolio review events. This year’s Big Tip-Off brought in a total of $3,716 on tip money alone. Congratulations goes out to Matt Low, this year’s winning bartender who raked in an impressive $1,111. We also had a great turnout with 110 people in attendance, easily packing in the roof-top/upstairs bar of SoHo Burger Bar.

AAF Buffalo is proud to provide scholarship opportunities to local marketing students through the money we raised collectively at this event. A special thanks is owed especially to our celebrity bartenders who worked hard to earn those tips alongside Matt Low, representing Crowley Webb: Ben Siegel, Block Club; Tyler Stanley, EMA; Jason Yates, Gelia; Tim Bouchard & Mike LaDuca, Luminus Media; Jim Lynch & Kailey Kolozsvary, The Martin Group; Frank Conjerti & Josh Gumulak, Quinlan. We would also like to thank all of the generous attendees that tipped big.

We hope to see you all again next year to challenge the returning champions from Crowley Webb!