Year in the life of a first time board member

My first year as an ACB board member is coming to a close. Now our group is looking for some new board members to join in so I though I’d share a little insight into my experience and what it’s really all about.

To be honest I wasn’t really sure about being on the board. I’d never been a board member for anything before, and it sounded like a big commitment, but some friends and colleagues convinced me I should go for it. It would be a good experience and only good could come from it. To my complete surprise I was voted in.

They were right of course. As part of the Digital Communications Committee, with Jason Yates and Lauren Cius, I’ve gotten the chance to assist with the clubs email marketing, website updates and social media presence. There have also been tons of great events I’ve gotten to participate in. But the best part has been all the great people and organizations I’ve gotten to meet and learn more about along the way.

There’s been a lot happening this past year but here’s a quick list of what you could be a part of:

•  Talking to students. Getting the chance to go talk to college students and professors about our field and how it’s changing.

•  Personally meet the speakers we bring in. I got to meet Peter Shankman and Vic Carucci this year.

•  Meeting lots of great local photographers and writers.

•  Visiting board members offices. Once a month we host our monthly board meeting at one of the member’s offices.

•  Chance to work with other local clubs. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with Buffalo Niagara 360, Social Media Club of Buffalo and Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives.

•  Planning current and new events. I learned a lot about event planning this year, what it takes and what the venues in Buffalo NY have to offer.

•  Meeting and working with people from many different industries. Our members come from banks, ad agencies, tech companies, product distributors, broadcast, start-ups and more.

If you have any questions about being on the board feel free to contact me at And if you want to your name in the hat there’s more information on how to apply here.
Tomorrow’s the last day to apply.