Making Membership More Valuable Than Ever

It was a steamy day in mid-July when the 20 members of the Ad Club board gathered around a conference table in the air-conditioned hospitality of the BlueCross BlueShield building. It was time again for our annual board of directors retreat.

Each summer we get together before the club year starts to meet our new board members, exchange fresh ideas, and begin planning for a slate of new events. There will be many meetings held throughout the year ahead, but few, if any will match the excitement and energy in the room at the summer board retreat.

This year, as we guided our discussion down the agenda in front of us, there was one common theme that the group kept coming back to: our members.

No matter what the subject of our discussion was, it was clear that we all wanted to put a new emphasis on providing the highest possible value to our members. We committed ourselves to making this year the best one yet to be a member of the Ad Club.

And what exactly does that mean? It means we’re finding new ways to save our members money through discounts and member perks. It means we’re planning the first-ever member appreciation event. As a prospective member of the club, it means that an Ad Club of Buffalo membership just got a whole lot more valuable to you this year, and there are 20 people actively working to make that statement a reality.

Ask any board member, and you can hear the same story, but we’re all admittedly a little biased. We decided that the best way for us to tell you all the great things about being an Ad Club member might not be us telling you at all. You’d probably rather hear it from other members just like yourself.

We talked to a few of our most passionate members and wanted to pass on what they said to anyone who might be considering joining the club. Check out the videos below for a few pretty cool perspectives.

Agency Member – Matt Low

Matt Low is a member of the leadership team at Crowley Webb and even with years of industry experience he thinks the Ad Club is a great opportunity to continue learning about new trends and techniques.

In-House Marketing Member – Isaac Williams

Isaac comes to us from the marketing department at Daemen College, and even though he doesn’t work on the agency side, he still loves being a part of the Ad Club.

Freelance Member – Charles Waldorf

Charles is a freelance photographer, and he takes every chance he gets to join us at events and mingle with marketers from all backgrounds in WNY.

Professor/Student Members – Julie Zack & Grace Gruarin

Julie and Grace are from the educational side of marketing and design, and they both make the most of the many opportunities the Ad Club provides for students.

So now you know how much work we’re putting into making this year the best it can be for all our members. We hope you’ll take advantage and join the Club today, but if you have any further questions, you’re more than welcome to contact any of our friendly board members by email.

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