AAF Asks: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Tim Bouchard

I’m looking to try and spend more time with my niece and nephew in Syracuse this year.

Shannon Silva

My resolution for 2018 is to be as happy as I am in 2017.

Greg Pokriki

If I spent as much time reading books as I did reading my Twitter feed, I would have already finished every great, must-read novel. So my resolution is two-fold: spend less time on social media and use that new-found time reading books.

Ally Balcerzak

I’m sticking with two resolutions I made for 2017 but never actually accomplished: to read more books and re-learn Spanish.

Brittany Klotzbach

I would say my New Year’s resolution is to be more active and volunteer in my community, and enjoy time with my family as much as possible!

Paige Meckler

Be the person my dogs think I am.  

Erin Haskell

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. Waiting until the new year feels arbitrary to me. If I see something I want to improve I tackle it throughout the year.  No waiting!

Grace de Rosa

Eat more vegetables – I know, it’s ridiculous but meat>vegetables any day. My husband and I need to be a bit more healthier I guess…

April Brown

My resolution is based on one word this year: FOCUS. Being more focused will help me accomplish personal goals both short and long term. Being more mindful of how I spend my time everyday is how I plan on focusing on what’s important to me. I waste a lot of time scrolling through social media, so that’s the first thing I’m going to change. There are always a bunch of little things I “plan on doing” or “have been meaning to do” so I think “focus” will help me with that. Here’s to a mindful 2018!

Kyle Rogers

To buy a house and plan a wedding without any episodes of cardiac arrest.

Dan Nesselbush

Carve out time for personal projects and do a better job anticipating when I really, really need to do my Christmas shopping.

Josh Gumulak

Cut down on waste. Similarly to what April is saying, which is great, I tend to also spend a lot of time on social media, as well as keeping up on current events and pop culture in general. Not that I plan to cut down on it, but to go about it more efficiently and consume similar amounts but in shorter, better spent periods of time, is one of my resolutions.

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” -Rainer Maria Rilke