A Few Sips for the Scholars.

By Brittany Klotzbach

Last Thursday, we held our seventh annual Big Tip-Off. This event has become a favorite tradition of ours, combining friendly competition with a casual environment for networking. The venue allows us to mingle with peers in our industry. Each company that participates has their own representative bartender, pouring drinks for a good cause: raising money for the AAF Buffalo student scholarship fund.

Our bartenders were more than just baristas the night of the event. They also created some promotional videos that helped us boost the event on our social media channels. And it worked; we had our highest-ever attended Big Tip-Off with a whopping 183 attendees (increasing last year’s record by a whopping 73 people!). Our bartenders kept the excitement going, as many of them brought treats and decorated their tip jars. There were even sales to purchase pins raising money directly for the cause. This year’s Big Tip-Off brought in a total of $4,462.21 in tip money, which is more than $745 increase from the year prior. A special congratulations goes out to Biagio Patti, this year’s winning bartender who raked in an impressive $1,219.21 (and those 21 cents really played into effect!).

AAF Buffalo is proud to provide scholarship opportunities to local marketing students through the money we raised collectively at this event. A special thanks is owed especially to our celebrity bartenders who worked hard to earn those tips alongside Biagio Patti, representing Crowley Webb: Tim Staszak, Block Club; Doug Bradley, clevermethod; Grace Durant, Quinlan; Dan Gigante, 19 Ideas; Josh Robinson, Luminus; Kelsey Hanks, Martin; Max Principe, Fifteen. We would also like to thank all of the generous attendees that tipped big.

We hope to see you all again next year to challenge the returning champions from Crowley Webb!